R&M Divestments

R&M Divestments is pleased to be a member of Divest Merge Acquire (www.divestmergeacquire.com).

Divest Merge Acquire provides transactional advisory services on the divestment of mid-size businesses and brings to R&M Divestments:

  • a high level of professionalism;

  • a wealth of transactional advisory skills and experience (gained from over 150 sale completions);

  • an extensive database of prospective buyers (businesses, PE firms and high net worth family investment companies) in the Australian market;

  • access to global databases of prospective buyers;

  • proven systems and procedures;

  • a comprehensive set of relevant templates; and

  • a back-office team that enables R&M Divestments take on many more engagements than it would otherwise be able to handle.

R&M Divestments’ commitment to its clients is to use its best endeavours to:

  • manage client expectations on timeframes, pricing and others;
  • deliver a transparent and efficient divestment process;
  • ensure a trouble free divestment experience;
  • provide regular progress briefings; and
  • most importantly, maximize the sale price of the business.

R&M Divestments would welcome the opportunity to explain how a prospective client will achieve the best outcome by engaging R&M Divestments, a member of Divest Merge Acquire.