R&M Livestock

R&M is seeking opportunities to invest in livestock purchased for fattening on pasture and on-sale within 6 months. We will consider various animal species, including lamb, young cattle, goats and pigs. R&M will not invest in livestock being fattened or otherwise held in feedlots.

R&M Litigation Funding

R&M is from time to time presented with litigation funding opportunities that present high returns-for-risk, and invites interested parties to co-invest with it.

R&M Private Equity

R&M invites interested parties to co-invest with it in well-established, profitable, unlisted companies offering investors high returns-for-risk.

R&M Private Debt

R&M invests in high yielding unsecured debt instruments issued by profitable unlisted companies

R&M Blog

The R&M Blog contains numerous articles and other commentary that are relevant to investors and business owners